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When Will We Have Autonomous Trucks? When One Passes "The Test."

How will we know when we're ready for truly autonomous trucks on our roadways? Well not until they pass this test...

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Deleting Standard Safety Technologies. Is It Really Worth It?

Eliminating standard safety technoliges from your truck spec can save hundred of dollars...but does it really save in the end?

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Less May Not Be More (Part 2) - A Little Deeper Dive Into the New "Automated Driving Systems (ADS): A Vision for Safety 2.0" Policy

What's New with the “Automated Driving Systems (ADS): A Vision for Safety 2.0.”

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The Importance of a Properly Greased Slack Adjuster

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Dual-Tire Imbalance: Perils and Prevention

Unequal Tire Pressures Can Be a Highway Hazard.

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Improving Performance and Brake Life Through Proper Preventive Maintenance

Paying attention to a few key details during a routine brake job can have a major impact on keeping trucks on the road, reducing maintenance costs, and improving safety.

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Advice on Choosing, Inspecting and Installing Remanufactured Parts

Selecting quality remanufactured parts begins with the right sourcing – knowing what to look for, and knowing what questions to ask the parts supplier.

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Full Stability and the Roadmap to the Future

Responsibility for the safe operation of the vehicle remains with the driver at all times. Stability control, or any safety technology, complements safe driving practices and is not intended

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The Fleet Safety Equation (Part 1)

The Fleet Safety Equation framework provides a starting point for thinking about fleet safety in its entirety, enabling an open conversation to develop an optimal solution that fits the needs

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