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Celebrating Our Nation's Truck Drivers

“Essential.” Hardly a day goes by now when we don’t hear that word to describe someone or something.

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Driver Insight - Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™

Combining camera, radar, and a vehicle’s brake system, Fusion is designed to help drivers mitigate rear-end collisions. And making sure the men and women behind the wheel are supported with the most current and useful information is among our highest priorities.

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ADAS and the Pathway to Highly Automated Driving

It’s always a good day when we get to spend time talking with Mark Willis and the team at “Road Dog Trucking” and their SiriusXM audience. Recently, Dan Ronan hosted us for a great hour of chatting about advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and the pathway to highly automated and autonomous commercial vehicles.

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School Bus Safety: Bendix® Intellipark® Electronic Parking Brake

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Tech Tips

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Preventive Maintenance for Automatic Slack Adjusters

This installment of Bendix Tech Tips provides simple advice for ensuring correct brake stroke, safety, and performance

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How To Ensure Your Compressor is Delivering High-Quality Air

This installment of the Bendix Tech Tips series focuses on air-quality requirements and how to make sure your compressor is delivering air that will keep your vehicle’s connected systems operating safely.

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Upkeep and Maintenance of Steering Gears

Proper inspection and installation provide support for advanced safety systems

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Truck Talk with Bendix

Listen in to the Bendix perspective on key industry topics.

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