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At Bendix Demos, Safety is on Full Display

Having been in the trucking industry for nearly 35 years, Denise Rondini has seen a demo or two. Here Denise takes you inside a day on the track with the Bendix Demo Team.

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Insights from Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2019

Between the new product announcements, one-on-one conversations, seminars, and other discussions, HDAW is always a busy, informative, and valuable time.

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IAA 2018 and Four Commercial Vehicle Megatrends

There is never any shortage of interesting news, speculation, and trendspotting at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hanover, Germany – and this year’s exhibition was no different.

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Bendix® PuraGuard® Air Dryer Cartridges: Why Oil Coalescing Matters

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Dash Valves, Pop Pressures, and Regulations

Call them the questions that keep “popping” up over the years: What are the regulations for dash valve trip pressures, and how can fleets and owner-operators stay compliant and safe?

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Avoiding the "Gotchas"

Parts fail. It happens. But there are practices that can help fleets and drivers keep their truck on the road and in good operating condition.

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Air System Valves - Troubleshooting and Replacement

Proper maintenance is important for these crucial components that help improve driver safety and comfort.

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Truck Talk with Bendix

Listen in to the Bendix perspective on key industry topics.

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Full Stability and the Roadmap to the Future

Responsibility for the safe operation of the vehicle remains with the driver at all times. Stability control, or any safety technology, complements safe driving practices and is not intended

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The Fleet Safety Equation (Part 1)

The Fleet Safety Equation framework provides a starting point for thinking about fleet safety in its entirety, enabling an open conversation to develop an optimal solution that fits the needs

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